Every jet-setter wants to look well accessorized on her HAUTE holiday jaunts; however, when traveling with jewelry especially fine jewelry you will need to keep the following tips in mind.

Don’t Take The Risk, Leave That Piece At Home!

Jewelry can be broken, lost, stolen, or swallowed up by the sea as you frolic along at the beach so take careful consideration as to what pieces you want to travel with. You may want to rock your carats on the Mediterranean but remember no matter how careful you are there is always a risk of loss or damage. If you have high value pieces or an emotional attachment to your jewelry, it would probably be best to leave it at home.

Condense Your Selection

Now, we are not suggesting you ladies go accessory free, as we know you want to dazzle, just consider traveling light! Choose a few pieces that you can wear with multiple outfits. The right statement necklace can be worn with a casual tee or you can dress it up with a cocktail dress to attend an evening soiree. Perhaps, instead of wearing your diamond engagement ring you might opt just to wear your diamond or wedding band. You simply don’t need to travel with multiple pairs of earrings. Try taking a chic pair of hoops that can be worn with everything and a statement pair that can dress up a day look or be worn out to drinks and dancing. Pick a few great pieces that can be worn with various outfits thus lessening you luggage load.

Packing Your Pieces

NEVER pack your jewelry in your checked luggage. The best method of transporting your jewelry is often in a jewelry roll. Jewelry rolls keep your pieces tangle free, well organized and all in one place and there are tons of varieties and styles on the market to choose from. Checked luggage is likely to be lost, stolen, or delayed in delivery. Always carry your jewelry and valuable items in your carry-on bags.

Safety is Key

When checking in at a hotel or residential locations make sure to keep your jewelry bag with you. Never hand your jewelry over to staff members or others you do not know. If you are staying in a hotel it is advisable to use the hotel safe to store your jewelry and other valuable items for the duration of your stay. If you are traveling with fine jewelry pieces be sure to purchase jewelry insurance. Often times travel insurance will cover you for a set dollar amount for the loss of personal effects and thus leave you in a bind should your beloved engagement ring be washed away at sea.

Remember always enjoy your vacation and leave a little room in your bag for any HAUTE new finds you come across on your travels!