Celebrities love the midi ring trend and at HAUTEheadquarters so do we. Midi rings have been seen on red carpet celebrities such as Rihanna,Vanessa Hudgens, Khloe Kardashian and more. Fashionistas worldwide are following the trend. We get lots of emails and calls weekly about midi rings. Most of you want to know how to embrace this look and how to wear your midis. Midi rings are a fun fashionable way to create a new and chic look. Midi rings are smaller in size than your average ring and meant to be worn above the knuckle on the fingers. Midi rings are a fun way to mix metals. They come in a variety of shapes and styles making the styling options endless. From metal midi rings to druzy stones, there is an option for just about everyone.

Common Midi Ring Shapes and Styles Include:

  • Chevron Shapes
  • Bows
  • Crosses
  • Thin Bands
  • Cigar Bands
  • Double Bar Bands
  • Pave Bands
  • Alphabet Initials and many more


Almost every fashion jewelry designer we know has created a midi ring collection and even fine jewelers have created diamond and gemstone midi rings. Unlike other jewelry, midi rings look best when worn in multiples. Wearing just one midi ring alone will not create a dramatic look and will appear odd. The key to wearing midi rings is creating a focal point. We suggest having a manicure if you rock the midi look as these chic stacks draw lots of attention to your hands!

Midi Ring Basics

Personal style has no rule guidelines however here are a few simple points to help you create a HAUTE midi ring look.

  • Choose a focal point
  • Frame your focal point
  • Don’t wear one midi ring alone
  • Mix your metals
  • Mix thick and thin bands
  • Mix old and new rings

Break the Rules: Mix your Midi Ring Metals

Midi rings give you the perfect opportunity to mix metals. When styling your midi rings you can mix gold, silver, rose gold, brass, and stones to create a cool look. Gold, silver and rose gold bands look great together. When stacked they create a clean chic look. If you want to add a sparkling accent to the look simply add a druzy stone or a small pave midi band to your stack. To achieve a more bohemian look try stacking brass and bronze midi rings with rings adorned in silver and turquoise or other colored stones. This creates a cool festival look. Remember rules are meant to be broken. Rocking your midi rings with style and confidence is what matters most.

Wear Your Midi Rings with Your Diamond Engagement Ring

Many people think that they can’t wear their midi rings due to the fact that they wear an engagement ring. Now wearing a brass and turquoise ring stack will not accentuate your diamond ring, however you can still rock the midi look with your diamond. To create the best look we suggest the midi rings be the same metal tone as your engagement ring. To get the look try pairing simple same tone metal midi bands with a few pave midi rings. Mixing the pave bands will create a well-balanced look without compromising the beauty of your diamond.

Framing a Statement Ring

If you choose to frame a statement ring begin by choosing your focal point. This will be the area you want attention drawn to. If your statement ring is on your middle finger this will be your focal point. Once you have determined your focal point you will want to then frame your midi rings around it. With your midis we suggest wearing the statement in the middle and then stacking one to two bands above the ring and to the left or right of the statement ring on the ring or index finger and one on the alternate finger. This will create a great frame and bring focus to your center point.

How Many Fingers Should I Wear Midi Rings On

There is no rule to how many fingers you should cover in midi rings. We suggest wearing your midis on three fingers per hand. You can wear more however, be aware that over stacking on every finger can create a jumbled look and take away from your focal point.

Can I Wear Bracelets with Midi Rings

There are no set rules for wearing your jewelry. When wearing midi rings you want the focus to be on your hands. Wearing too many bracelets can detract from your midi display. Consider wearing a thin bangle or a ring to bracelet ring.

Have fun styling your midi rings. By mixing styles and changing your layering patterns you can create dozens of fun and flirty looks. You don’t have to follow any rules. The most important thing is to be true to your own style! If you have questions or need jewelry styling assistance feel free to email us at cs@hauteheadquarters.com.