Every fashionista is always looking for the latest trend to make their own. Ear cuffs and ear crawlers are an edgy and chic choice that doesn’t require pierced ears, just the need for a dramatic look. These whimsical accessories can be worn individually or as a pair, so it will be fun to mix them up or wear matching ones with a friend! They can be seen on celebrities, models, bloggers, and on the runway. We have beautiful pieces from Kenneth Jay Lane, Marcia Moran, Melanie Auld, Elizabeth Cole and other fashion jewelry designers. You can find a dazzling and unique range of ear cuffs and ear crawlers at HAUTEheadquarters.

What’s the Difference between These Two Unique Accessories?

Ear cuffs are usually larger and chunkier than ear crawlers and are worn individually on one ear but can definitely be worn on both ears if you are seeking a more striking look. These are for ladies who love an edgy appearance rather than a subtle one.

Ear crawlers, also called ear climbers are the daintier version of the ear cuff and can work with pierced or non-pierced ears. Worn alone or in pairs, they come in many styles with graduated rows, pearls, pave stones, gemstones and more! The ear crawler lies across your ear lobe and crawls or climbs up the ear. A crawler may sound creepy but you will love the way your whole ear sparkles with this crawler.