When you fall in love with a piece of designer jewelry, you want to wear it all the time! However, in order to preserve your designer fashion jewelry there are a few occasions you may want to avoid wearing it. With proper care your jewelry can last for many years. Below are some helpful tips to help your pieces retain their luster and last for years to come.

How to Store Your Designer Jewelry

Proper storage is essential in maintaining your designer jewelry wear after wear. It is best to store your earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings in air tight bags, jewelry boxes, or soft pouches. Many quality pieces are shipped inside velvet or soft pouches, these are ideal, keep them. Airtight bags are also a great source of storage as they prevent tarnish. Jewelry boxes are the most advisable as a storage source for all jewelry, they include anti tarnish strips and keep your items safe, clean, spaced out and organized. Many jewelry boxes are designed to be included in a room’s décor.

How to Clean Your Designer Jewelry

Even people who take the utmost care of their items will have to clean them periodically. Cleaning of designer jewelry can be done at home; special cleaning agents or solutions are not required. To clean your jewelry simply use a small polishing cloth and apply the cloth with mild pressure to the item. This will remove buildup and dirt without removing the finish.

What to Avoid While Wearing Designer Jewelry

Although lotions, makeup, hair products or perfume will not cause lasting damage, they can create residue and buildup that will reduce the shine or finish on your designer jewelry. While using these products it is best to put on your jewelry after the aforementioned products have been used. Never spray perfume directly on yourself while you are wearing jewelry, as you should avoid contact with anything containing derivatives of alcohol. It is best to complete your beauty regimen and then apply your jewelry to keep it sparkling and like-new.

Refrain from wearing jewelry while cleaning with harsh chemicals, certain household cleaners can strip and dull gold finishes. Get the chores completed then add your gorgeous gems when you are done. This will help preserve the finish of your designer jewelry, besides cleaning is not a glamorous job!

Perspiration from exercise can lead to tarnish and chlorine from swimming pools can discolor gold finishes. So enjoy your gym or your swim but add your sparkling jewelry afterwards!

If you follow these simple tips, your designer fashion jewelry will last for many years to come! If you have any further questions please feel free to email us at cs@hauteheadquarters.com.